Irys Control

We are a Consulting & Engineering Control company with wide industry experience. IRYS CONTROL was born in 2009 by professional experts of Control Engineering driven by a different way to understand customer's needs: quality & results as starting point. Currently our services are already a quality point of reference and our national and international experience is the best confidence sample from our clients.


At IRYS CONTROL all our team is customer oriented. We truly believe that our clients are our most valued asset and its success is also ours. On this basis our mission is clear: helping our custumers to be more efficient to make them more successful.


At IRYS CONTROL we believe in technology as a key development factor for a better future, specially when it's technology Control applied. Our Vision is being responsible for a sustainable environment, an efficient Industry, innovative quality services contributing to a better life.


Quality Commitment: If we do it, we do it well. All our actions carry our commitment for a high quality work from the beginning to the end.

Teamwork makers: Everyone involved in the project is important and has its impact over our customer's result. Thereby, we know the value of taking care of external relationships as much as we care about our own team.

Setbacks solvers: Setbacks exist to be solved. Our experience and service attitude allow us offering solutions in every project stage.


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